“What is true femininity and masculinity versus their shadow versions? And what if , at their most powerful, the feminine and the masculine are one, just as at their most trivialized, they are opposites?”

(Kapka Kassabova on SWORN VIRGIN

Elvira Dones - SWORN VIRGIN



“I couldn’t put it down. Dones’s ability to tell a politically and psychically complex story with such lightness of touch is down to her flowing, spring-clear prose and slyly subversive vision.(Kapka Kassabova, The Guardian) 


“Subtle and provocative.” (Helen Brown, Sunday Telegraph) 


“Deft and lively [...]  Dones writes in a clean and breezy style, raising sly questions about culture, art, and, especially, gender. Her novel is provocative without being confrontational.” (Publishers Weekly)


“Tender, funny and arrestingly original.” (Jane Shilling, New Statesman)


“Artfully written by one of Albania’s most distinguished authors, Sworn Virgin is a story that resonates far beyond one country’s borders.” (Elizabeth Millard, Foreword Reviews)


“Beautifully written… an incredibly engrossing read, telling a story that is both engaging and transcendent.” (Beth Mellow, Bookslut)


“The latest hidden gem uncovered by this publisher … There is more to the book than the unearthing of a remarkable tradition: Dones’ characters are vibrant and her portrait of life in the mountains and in Tirana, the capital, is vivid … Clarissa Botsford’s translation (from the Italian – Dones writes in Albanian and Italian) is elegant and sensitive.” (Jethro Soutar, The Independent)


“An engaging and absorbing novel that gives both an emotional experience and a good deal to think about.” (Emerald Street)


“The final sentence makes you want to jump up and cheer.” (Susan Osborne – Shiny New Books)


“A fascinating study in duality and blurred identity… A brave book which tackles big themes such as tradition and modernity, exile and belonging while never losing sight of the individual faced with life choices that are constantly opening up certain freedoms while closing the door on others.” (New Internationalist)


“As entertaining as it is educational, Sworn Virgin takes readers on a fascinating journey into the heart of a seldom-explored set of strict traditions that are designed to allow for complete male domination. Dones handles the subject matter with grace, thoughtfully probing at larger questions of gender equality and familial obligation, and ultimately succeeds by never allowing her subject to see herself as a helpless victim of circumstance.” (Typographical Era)


“Provocative, engaging and absolutely fascinating.” (LoveReading.

“Elvira Dones is among the best of Albania’s writers, and her publication in English is excellent news” (Ismail Kadaré)

‘An intelligent and painful play on identity, and on the freedom of body and spirit’ (Lara Crinò - Repubblica Donne)

‘An unusual and beautiful Bildungsroman’ (Marilia Piccone - Stradanove)

SWORN VIRGIN‘Elvira Dones deals with issues at the heart of western civilisation today, such as migrant and gender identity, and the tormented relationships we may have with our bodies.’ (Liliana Moro -

English PEN Writers in Translation Award, 2013
Fondazione Carical Grinzane Cavour Award, Italy, 2008

SWORN VIRGIN, translated from the Italian by Clarissa Botsford, foreword by Ismail Kadare, And Other Stories, London & New York, May 2014


«Un roman choc… Impressionnant.» (Marianne Payot – L’Express)

«On sort de ce roman, quasi documentaire, le ventre noué. A diffuser dans toutes les casernes.» (Catherine Simon – Le Monde des Livres)


“Mais si elle refuse l’enthousiasme des sauveurs, si elle remet en cause le sentimentalisme humanitaire, Elvira Dones ne sonne pas la charge contre l’interventionnisme occidental; son travail dresse simplement le constat de la douleur des autres, place avec justesse l’écriture de leur côté.” (Pierre Benetti – La Quinzaine littéraire)


“Un roman bref d’une folle intensité… Une chronique de guerre implacable… On pensait avoir tout lu des récits de guerre. Et voilà que surgit ce livre d’Elvira Dones…” (Alain Favarger – La Liberté)

«Ce n’est ni un roman sur la guerre, ni un roman de guerre. Ce roman, c’est carrément la guerre. [...] Splendide.» (Roberto Saviano)

, traduit de l’italien par Leila Pailhès, est paru le 10 octobre 2013 chez les Éditions Métailié. Pour en savoir plus, cliquez ici.


Elvira Dones - SOLE BRUCIATO

(premio Latisana per il Nord-Est 2001; clicca qui per leggere le recensioni) torna sul mercato in versione ebook: in formato Kindle (Amazon) oppure in formato ePub in varie librerie online (Rizzoli, Deastore, Feltrinelli, Ultima Books, Omnia Buk,, ecc.)


(premio Fondazione Carical – Grinzane Cavour 2008) arriverà sul grande schermo. Il film, opera prima di Laura Bispuri (vincitrice del premio David di Donatello 2010 per il miglior cortometraggio) avrà come protagonista Alba Rohrwacher (David di Donatello 2008 & 2009, European Shooting Star 2009, Nastro d’argento 2011) . Le riprese inizieranno nel marzo 2014. Per maggiori informazioni sulla pellicola, clicca qui.



Shkrimtarja e vitit 2014, Panairi i Librit në Prishtinë, Kosovë, për romanin “Luftë e vogël e përkorë”.


“Jo një roman për luftën, as një roman lufte ku heronjtë veprojnë në kontekst militaresk. Jo, ky roman është drejtpërdrejt lufta. Është përqasja e luftës nëpërmjet syri të viktimës që nuk gjykon, nuk dënon, por u komunikon të gjithëve vizionin e vet. Është një shikim i kthjellët, klasik, i dhembshur, që nuk shtrembëron asgjë.”

(Roberto Saviano)Elvira Dones - LUFTË E VOGËL E PËRKORË

parathënia: Roberto Saviano
përkthyer nga italishtja: Adrian Beshaj
rishikim e shqipërim: Elvira Dones
Botimet Dudaj, Tiranë, 2012

Elvira Dones - HANA

Gjendet në tregun ribotimi i romanit
(shqipëruar e botuar për herë të parë nga
Roland Sejko),
ribotuar nga botimet Dudaj.

Fitues i çmimit
Fondazione Carical – Grinzane Cavour 2008, Itali

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